About Us


Southland Business Group was founded in 1985 and its only business has been the valuation of businesses and business interests.  We offer a wide range of valuation services to privately held companies of all types. 

We have performed hundreds of valuations for businesses both large and small, in a number of different industries. 

Valuation projects are typically referred to us by a business owner’s trusted advisor, like an attorney or CPA.  We have earned a reputation for providing independent, well-supported opinions of value that stand up to third-party scrutiny.  Many of the clients with whom we have worked return to us for additional assignments, a testimony to the quality of our work product. 


What Can You Expect From Southland Business Group?



A host of people advertise that they will value your business:  CPAs, business brokers, financial advisors, and banks.  Southland Business Group is totally independent of other interests.  We do not want to become your auditors or sell your business for you.  Our only interest is providing a realistic, independent value conclusion that will pass the scrutiny of lawyers, courts and the IRS.



Southland Business Group's only business is valuation.  Our analysts all have real-world business experience.  That means that we talk with our clients, not to them.  We listen and we understand, because we've been there.



You may not always agree with our conclusions, but you need to understand how we reached them.  We write in plain English and explain what we mean.


Commitment To A Schedule:

We'll tell you whether we can meet the date you need your appraisal.  If we commit to a date, you can count on it.


Guaranteed Fee Limit:

We are happy to quote a "not-to-exceed" fee before starting your appraisal.  You should not have to write any appraiser a blank check.  Click here for more information about our fees.